I have to put on sweaters.

Not for warmth, but to hide.

They don’t keep me away.

They let me shine.

Out of the world,

Out of my mind,

Into the blanket of societal norms,

I get to be myself.

Under my sweaters.
When summer comes,

I wait for storms,

So I can cover up,

With a smile of my face.
The beach is scary.

The gym is worse.

I think if I gain weight,

It will be like a sweater, too.

But it doesn’t help.

Things are bad then, too.
I don’t love myself.

I keep that inside.

I learn all of the ways,

I can let myself hide,

Without being a “freak.”
If I hold my own self,

I won’t have to worry.

I know all the places,

That make me feel sorry.

Not for myself,

Just for my place,

And I don’t need all of this,

Thrown in my face.
What I need are my sweaters.

My jackets, my layers.

They let me hide in freedom,

Just where I belong.

They let me talk, walk-

They let me sing songs.

They hold onto me,

In the only way I want.

A light hug, 

Nothing to flaunt.
The uglier the better,

Cold enough to need my sweaters.


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